VIDUNDER - Vidunder

1. Summoning The Not Living
2. Into Her Grave
3. Trees
4. Threefold
5. Försummad Och Bortglömd
6. Asmodeus
7. Beware The Moon
8. Fire
9. Threat From The Underground
10. Your Ghost

Record label: Crusher Records
Format: CD/LP/Digital
Release date: 24th of May, 2013.

Additional Info: Recorded at Studio Celsius and Studio Kitteln, Malmö, Sweden, winter 2012 and 2013. Produced by Vidunder. Mixed by Linus Larsson. Vintage mastered by Henryk Lipp at Music-A-Matic. Layout and logo by Robin Gnista. Photographs by Kenny Bengtsson. All songs by Vidunder.
Additional musicians: John Hoyles: Sologuitar on Into Her Grave, Försummad Och Bortglömd and Threat From The Underground. Johannes Cronquist: Organ on Trees, Into Her Grave and Beware The Moon.